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Profile picture of Kim

Offer from Kim


I am open to various requests for help. I am social and enjoy working with people who need help with certain things. I am also accessib...

Profile picture of Linda

Caregiver buddy (time for yourself)

Sociaal wijkteam

Do you take care of someone and would you like a (trained) volunteer to replace you for a few hours? The volunteer will keep the person...

Profile picture of Erna

Offer from Erna


I have always worked in healthcare, now have my pension..but I am willing to do something for someone else.

Profile picture of Taner

Taner's offer


In a world full of screens, I look for connection and a sense of community. In addition, I am genuinely happy when I can help someone. ...

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Profile picture of Randy

Randy .'s offer


I'm pretty handy with odd jobs and if I can make someone else happy with this, that's only a blessing. Can wallpaper, lay laminate, min...

Profile picture of Abed



Hello I am Abed, I live in Zaandam and speak a little Dutch, I'm looking for a language buddy and I like all sports and shopping and ...

Too much choice? Find a match faster using the filters

Profile picture of Petra

Petra's offer


I want to dedicate myself to other people. I think it would be very nice to help other people and/or offer company. I see something in ...

Profile picture of Tess

Offer from Tess


I have some free time that I want to put to good use for someone else who really needs it.

Profile picture of Patrick

Patrick's offer


I would like to do some more volunteer work to get some work rhythm again. I can help with, among other things: cooking, computer, chor...

Profile picture of Pieter

Offer from Pieter


Am Pieter a neat, social man with a bit of humor. Am a person with a lot of patience and have a lot of life experience. I want to use t...

Profile picture of Peter

Support at Mourning Fellowship Group


Talk to other mourners and find support, recognition and acknowledgment in each other. How do you deal with the drastic loss of a love...

Profile picture of Mies

Offer from Mies


I saw that you have a volunteer position open for a receptionist. I would like to show interest in this.

Profile picture of Siro

Offerings from Siro


I like to volunteer to do small jobs and to help people who are not able to get things done on their own.

Profile picture of Klaas

Claus offer


I am looking for regular recurring activity, don't know in what area yet. Be open to offers.

Profile picture of marjo

Offer from Marjo


My name is Marjo and I have worked for a long time as a Dutch language teacher for nvl. migrants. I am very social and have also worke...

Profile picture of Gerda

Gerda's offer


Hello I'm Gerda. I want to have a nice chat with someone. Or give an explanation for iPad and Tablet for the Seniors.

Profile picture of Peter

Humanitas Support for Loss


For those who have to deal with loss: due to death, loss of work, divorce or other drastic loss. The volunteers of Humanitas Support a...

Profile picture of Frank

Meeting place for young and old

Kinderboerderij de Veldmuis

Children's farm De Veldmuis has been centrally located in the Westerwatering district since 1991, making it the ideal meeting place for...

Profile picture of Irfan

Offer from irfan


I wanna learn Dutch, Dutch cultures and meet and help people

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